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George W. Jourdian (4/21/1929 - 11/28/2015)

Professor Emeritus of Internal Medicine and Professor Emeritus of Biological Chemistry,
Medical School
University of Michigan,
Ann Arbor, MI



Oliver He's memory (December 2015):

"I respect him a lot. He is a dedicated scientist."

"We had become very good friends since I joined UM in the summer 2015. Our previous lab in the Kresge building was indeed part of his previous lab space. After his retirement, he did not need that much lab space, so I was assigned to use part of the lab space for my lab research. After knowing each other’s research, we eventually began to collaborate on some Brucella vaccine project. This project eventually got an EBS internal grant support in the University of Michigan Medical School. For the project, Bill helped supervise students (including Charlie Larson and Jennifer Smith and many others) in the lab to isolate bacterial proteins and lipopolysaccharides. Meanwhile, he had been working by himself to finish a project that he wish to eventually publish. After the old Kresge building was turned down and our lab moved to ULAM ARF 108, Bill moved with us to ARF 108. In the end of last year and early this year, our lab moved to MSRB III, and he also moved with us. We had been together for 10 good years. "

"In addition to help mentor students, Bill also helped us in paper/grant proposal editing, discuss scientific questions/topics, and chat about life and career. He was humorous and outgoing. We had a lot of sweet moments together, I remember that for a couple of years, Bill came to the lab almost every day when he was not in travel. When he came, we usually had lunch together in my office in ARF 105 room. That time Fang usually had lunch with Bill and me together. We chatted a lot on various topics. In the end, we often enjoyed the cookies that his wife (Joan) prepared and he shared with us during lunch. I also remember that my family was invited to attend his 80th birthday party, and we had many other enjoyable parties together… "


See: the memorable slides that Oliver prepared in 2009 to celebrate Dr. Bill Jourdian's 80th birthday party. Many pictures with Bill are displayed in the slides. Note that due to different reasons, the He lab has stopped the research of developing the Brucella vaccine as indicated in the presentation.

The following lab websites keep some more pictures where you can find Bill:

See: Dr. Bill Jourdian's papers in PubMed.

Oliver He attended the memorial service in Bill's honor that was held on January 23rd, 2016 at 2 pm at Nie funeral home on Liberty in Ann Arbor.


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